November 6, 2014

Living A Happy Life: Take Time To Slow Down

We're all busy, running around doing this or that, work, kids and their activities, mates, school, just living life.  The world we live in is so fast pace you have to sprint sometimes to keep up.  Everything is right now, I need it at my finger tips right now and you have companies readily catering to those demands.  Domino's has a voice ordering app so you can order from your cellphone.  There are services offered where people will run your errands for you so you don't have to.  I am sure there are more services out there to help free you up so you can be more busy. I'm sure if someone could create an app or find a way to make it so we can skip some of our doctors appointments (check ups) and we do them from home they would.

With life moving at such a fast pace and use living in a "microwave society" we tend to miss out on life trying live and keep up. We have to take time to slow down and really enjoy living life, we don't want life to pass us by and then when we decide to take time to rest we aren't able to really enjoy it.  So here are some tips I found (from some great sites) that are very helpful and that I really plan to put into action to help me make time to enjoy life, enjoy my loved ones and even unplug when I need to.  Life has too many beautiful and wonderful things to offer for us not to take time to notice them.

September 30, 2014

Good Bye Summer: Blog Recap

Well as we all know summer is over and Fall is here, yaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I am so happy, yeah no not really, lol!!   I'm going to miss the warmer weather and being able to wear my cute summer clothes and sandals, but we know unless you live in the southern most part of the US or on a tropical island change of weather is inevitable and the sunny warm summer days will be gone until next year, SIGH!!

So as ode to summer I wanted to do re-cap.  I was able to get in a few out of the day post so I was really happy about that, also a really yummy baked pasta recipe and I shared my current obsession.  Now I plan to continue blogging into the fall/winter months, I don't want to stop blogging (especially since I just got my groove back) just because of a little below 50 temps, lol!!

September 7, 2014

My Addiction: Sunglasses

Ok I have a confession to make I have an addiction and they're a little thing called sunglasses or to some shades. Now I will say it's not a bad thing right (might be in denial), because you can get some really really cute shades inexpensively and not break your bank account!!  :-)  There are more expensive things I could be addicted to like shoes and handbags, which I do love and there are many that I would love to have, but the ones I really love (and want) are almost as much a my car note or mortgage so I will say shades are a good trade off!!!! :-D 

My growing collection; all except the ones on the top left are from Tmart.  I've mentioned this site in some recent post and if you haven't go check out the site.  No this isn't a plug for the site or a sponsored post, but really go check out the site they have great prices on some really nice sunglasses.   Now they sale more than sunglasses so there is more to check out and the bonus is shipping is FREE, now who doesn't love free shipping!!!

August 18, 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Weekend Casual

Happy Monday, hope everyone had a great weekend!!!  Had an impromptu photo session yesterday on my way out to dinner with hubby and our little man.  I was actually trying to take a outfit post to share on Instagram and since my husband took about 8 of them (before I found one I felt IG worthy, lol) I thought why not use the rest for a quick outfit of the day post on the blog.

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