June 21, 2015

The Love of a Father: Happy Father's Day

I made this video for my dad, I can never say enough about him and how much I love him.  He is the greatest father/daddy a girl could ever ask for.  God truly blessed me and my sisters with a wonderful man to call our Dad!!   He is a true Man of God, an amazing husband to our mom and an awesome grandfather to all of his grand and great-grand children.    God I Thank You for Robert E. Glass!!!


June 1, 2015

Cut From A Different Cloth: Outfit Of The Day

 Yet another outfit post, I am excited to be posting on a regular bases again, yaaaay!!  I really need to get another tripod so I can use my again camera because even though my sister did a little better this time, she still wasn't giving a lot of direction, lol.  Plus, taking pictures with my phone of course don't come as clear at they do with my camera!

{yes I love my hands on my hips, lol}

{loving my maxi skirt}

May 24, 2015

How Carsedra Got Her Groove Back: Outfit Of The Day

Yes your girl is on a role with the outfit post, lol!!    Like the title says I have gotten my groove back and it feels good!!   Plus, it's warm weather season so it makes me really want to take pictures (now this might change when it get's cold) and it really helps that I have someone that can take them for me.  Even though with these my sister was just snapping pictures and wasn't giving any kind of direction, lol.  They still came out ok because you can see the outfit and that's what counts right!! :-)

My sister snapping away, but I kept this one because it was a nice little action shot, lol!!

May 17, 2015

In Transition: Outfit of The Day

 To say these last 2 1/2 years have been trying is putting it lightly.  If only I could tell you but right now I won't.  I will just say, 2 years ago this time if you had told me I would've faced what I did I would've never believed you.  I consider myself to be a strong women, but what I went through almost broke me beyond repair.  However, with a praying family and a relationship with God and knowing I could lean on Him I can say I am standing strong today.  


Today was the first day I can say I really felt like I was starting to get my life back and really live so in honor of that I decided to get really cute today for church, put on some heels and take some LONG overdue pictures to share, lol!!!  I hadn't worn heels in a long time and as funny as it may seem, putting on those heels gave me that confidence and strength back!!  I know God is transitioning me into the next phase of my life and I am excited to see what wonderful things God has in store for me and my son (and my family)

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