December 6, 2016

Back To Blogging: Coming In 2017

I've toyed with the idea of coming back to blogging, I think about the time it takes to run it
upload consistently and make sure the content loaded is post worthy.   Not only that deciding what type of content I will post, topics I want to talk about or even if it is worth it.  Blogging used to be a fun hobby for me, it helped me open up and came out of my shell when it came to posting outfit pictures.  I really discovered my sense of style while blogging. It turned into a life style blog where I shared other aspects of my life outside of OOTD's because even though I love fashion, I didn't have the wardrobe like that to have just a fashion blog, lolol!!  Blogging was a great outlet for me and there are moments where I have missed it.

August 25, 2016

What Are You Waiting For, What Is Holding You Back?: From My Journal

God I want to hear from you clearly on the next steps for my life, especially my career.  You know my hearts desire is to do Sweet Tooth Desserts full time, to be my own boss.  I have worked 20 years at my current job, and I am no further along now than when I started.  Some of it was due to me not putting enough effort into learning more to get a better paying position I do admit. Even with that, looking back it was about keeping a job not building a career.  Not working towards something I felt passionate about.  I am grateful for all the years you blessed me to even have a job.  I am grateful that after 19 years, I was able to leave a position I felt trapped in for something new, another position at the same job.  Yet, I still don't feel fulfilled.  My hope was that this new position would be the path to a new career, but in my heart it was only an escape from another dead end position.  When I am honest with myself, project management is not my hearts desire, Sweet Tooth Desserts is. 

Now I feel like I am at a cross roads, all these years I stayed at a job because I had bills to pay, I was being responsible.  I thought this is God's tool to help provide for me.  Plus, what else would I do?  I had no college degree, no skills to really get a job that I wanted, so I was stuck.  Even now, I still feel stuck, leaving where I am even to get another job just to get away from that situation still wouldn't be fulfilling, it would be another job and doing what?  I still haven't amassed any skills to get a job doing anything I love.  Yes, I can pray for favor and you can open the door for me to get a better job, in a better environment. I can even pray you change things at my current job, but it would still only be a job.

God, I am at this cross road and I don't know what to do. 40 years old and nothing to show for all the years I have worked.  I need to hear from you......if I can believe you to keep me employed for 20 years, with little skill/knowledge to actually do the work my positions required, I can have much more faith to believe you can bless my business to grow and prosper. 

I can't let fear keep me from taking that leap to my true destiny and I won't.   Leaving my current job is my next step, God I just need to know when and JUST DO IT!!  

January 3, 2016

40 and Feeling Amazing: Outfit of The Day

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEE!!!!   Today I turn 40 years old, I am officially a member of the 40/40 club!  It's funny because I was telling one of my sisters the other day it feels like I had been in my 30's forever, but not anymore!!  I am truly grateful and thankful to see another birthday.  God has been awesome and I am so blessed!!   I really look forward to my 40's and all the wonderful things to come!!

Now in honor of me turning 40 I decided to take do take pictures and do another outfit of the day post today, hope you like!! :-D Well CHEERS TO TURNING 40 and many many many more blessed years and birthday's to come!!!

December 28, 2015

Unseasonably Warm: Outfit Of The Day

I just want to say how HAPPY I am with these really warm temperatures we are having here.  It's December and it has been in the upper 60's to mid 70's (some days upper 70's) and unless you live in a state/country where this is normal here in Georgia it's so unexpected!  We have been having severe thunderstorms (those I can live without) in December, the week of Christmas!!! I know there have been major flooding in some places and devastating tornadoes across some states, my thoughts and prayers are with all affected. I just hope this weather now doesn't mean when Spring comes the weather is going to HORRIBLE!!!   

 Enough of weather talk, since it has been so nice (even with the rainy/cloudy days) I have been able to dress cute enough to snap some pictures without all the layers, lol!!   So here a few quick pictures of what I wore to church this past Sunday!!!