December 3, 2011

Music To My Ears: What I'm Feeling

  Mateo - "Don't Shoot Me Down" Feat. Goapele & Ab Liva 

If you have followed my post you know that I am SERIOUS music lover.  My musical taste is very very eclectic so what I listen to varies on any given day.  When I heard this song by Mateo feat. Goapele and Ab Liva a while back I had to share it.   If it wasn't for my love of music in general, XM radio (a must in the car) Youtube and great sites like Soulbounce and Singersroom I wouldn't know about alot of great music.  There are sooooooo many awesomely, talented artist out there that haven't made it mainstream that people need to hear.  So check out the video I'm sure you're gonna like it!!!



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