January 21, 2012

Can You Stand The Rain: Outfit Of The Day

I titled this can you stand the rain because it has been raining alot here the past few days and today was the worst.  I was out and about in it and OMG, forget cats and dogs, it was raining elephants and hippos!!!!  If I hadn't had to run some errands and have this meeting for my sisters wedding I would've been at home letting the rain relax me. LOL!!   We were under a tornado warning or watch but nothing bad happened so it would've been prefect chill weather.

ANYWHO, enough about the rain, I just wanted to post some quick outfit pictures.  I wore this last Sunday to church, I'm trying to make sure I do more outfit post, my blog isn't a fashion blog per-say, but I still like to post them.

Red is my favorite color and I love this red blazer, I try to find as many outfits as I can to wear with it so I can wear it more!!! LOL!! Oh and here I was playing around with the features on Picasa again!!

Here is another beaded bracelet made by me that I am hoping to make part of the jewelry line my sister and I are hoping to start.

Blazer: my moms closet,  White Tee: Wet Seal,  Skirt: my moms closet,  Boots: Nine West,  Watch: Citizen,  Rings/Earrings: Random Beauty Supply Stores,  Charm Bracelets: Tiffany, Pandora (Jared's) Beaded Bracelet: made by me

Ok that is my quick little post, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!!  :-)



  1. This is such a classic outfit. I love the red blazaer! Maybe you should get started on that ark...lol


    1. LOL!!!! Yes a ark would've been great with all the elephants and hippos!!! And thank you!!!!

  2. Nice outfit!


  3. NO I can't stand the rain although we need it and is very necessary but it can be annoying sometimes!!! (SIGH)

    anyway you look gorgeous doll. That skirt is so pretty.

    <3 Marina

  4. Love that skirt and red blazer. You look lovely!

    Cathy@Nurse Scrubs In T-shirt Styles