February 10, 2012

Music To My Ears: Throw Back Jam

When you think of a musical genius name one person you think of?  For me one of those people is Prince!  Say what you want about him, his dressing, but his music is timeless and genius!!   Not only his but his artist and those he worked with.   When you listened to a song, you could tell Prince either produced it or the artist was heavily influenced by him.  Then when you saw the video you could definitely see his influences!!

I'm  not sure if anyone remembers the"Paisley Park Album" or the group called "The Family".  They were one of the first groups signed to Prince's Paisley Park Records back in the early 80's.   Well they had this song out back in 84 or 85 'Screams of Passion" and it used to be one of my JAMS........I thought I would share it with you all on this wonderful Friday!!! LOL

So here is your Freedom Friday Throw Back Jam:




  1. C, I don't remember this song. But Prince?! He can still rock it and looks better doing it now than he did back then!