December 5, 2013

Getting Back To Me

Yes I know it's been a while but I am still here, still around.  I haven't really had much to blog about and I haven't taken any pictures to post either, lol!!  I won't make excuses but will just say one day (soon) I really hope to get back in the groove and post more (ya'll keep praying, haha).

You know I was having a conversation with my sister a couple of weeks ago on our way to work and we were talking about clothes/shoes (like most ladies do right) and I told her lately I haven't felt like dressing up wearing heels being extra cute (cause a sista is already cute enough, lol).  She tells me yeah I've noticed that because I was looking at your blog the other day and looking at your outfit post and thinking what happened she doesn't dress up, wear her heels anymore and look all fabulous (she didn't say that last part I added that, HA).

Ok stop let me say this before I go any further and people start thinking well dang gurl what did you do go around looking like a bum, hahahaha!!  No no no no I still dress work/church/going out appropriate but minus the heels, all the jewelry and the extra attention to details.  I haven't been trying to be a fashionista and look extra fly, I've just been putting on clean clothes, that fit, look right, make sure I'm clean and I fix my hair and then I'm gone, LOL!!!

I have had alot going on in my personal life (won't go into a long drawn out story) and my heart nor head haven't really been into it.  For a while I was doing good to even get up and try to look presentable, but it's gotten alot better, I promise it really has :-D.  I guess I might need to take some photos to convince you all, lol!!

I never really noticed that I was "slippin" (as some say) like that until my sister said something.  I was so preoccupied with other things I guess. This summer it was flats even at work (thank God for a relaxed dressed code, gotta love working at a University)  I took heels every now and then, but 95% of the time it was flat sandals.  Shoot looking back now I think most days I planned my outfits so I could wear flats,yeah this gurl wasn't about the high heel life, lol!!!

Even now that is has turned colder, I'm still rocking the flats, not too much extra jewelry, not many dresses or skirts to work. However, I have gotten back to wearing heels on Sunday to church and I was still wearing my dresses and skirts so it's not all bad but it's just getting back to doing it for work, oh the struggle. LOL!!  Now I have worn heels and put on some extra accessories a few times (there is hope), but still not as often as I used to (a sista is trying though).

I look at these pictures and I do miss putting that extra effort into being blog fabulous and I am seriously working to get back to that, to get back to me.   I have learned a great deal in these past 6 months or so, most things I knew and just had to put in action and somethings (new) I learned about myself.  I learned that I can't allow my circumstance/s to change me, I have to keep getting up being my fab self and living my life, not even just for myself, but for my son and my husband, to be that mommy/wife I need to be.  I have also learned to really trust and have faith in God like never before.  You always hear you know never know how strong your faith is until it's tested (boy don't I know it).  My faith and my trust in God has been made stronger and I know that no matter what things may look like or how I might feel, God is working things out behind the scenes and I have to keep drawing on His strength. 

So yeah that is what's been going on with in my life (in small detail). I have been trying to keep up with my fellow bloggers, but I've got to do better with that too. I hope all is well with everyone else and hope to be back sooner than later with a new post!!



  1. I get into that rut every now and again too so I totally understand! You look cute flats or heels!

    1. Awe thank you and it's always good to know I am not the only one, lol!!

  2. Girl whether you're dressed up in a jazzy ensemble or rocking a casual look, you do it well!!! I am praying for you and your continued faith in God! Won't he do it? Nobody but God will take you through and bring you out a better person while setting you up for a fab blessing. He's simply awesome! God bless you boo!

    1. Thank you so very much, I really do appreciate the encouraging words!!! I am excited to see what God has in store!!

  3. Nice Blog you have; I really love it. I found your blog thru a comment you left on "Rubygirlsblog." You look great in all these outfits.


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