January 16, 2014

Nailed It: At Home Nails

I'm no stranger to doing my own nails, whenever I went without my acrylic on my nails I did my own manicures and even between pedicures I did my own (when I needed it). However, I have only attempted to do acrylic on my nails once and that was in high school, uhmmmmm that was a DISASTER!!!    I saw other girls with them and loved the look but didn't at the time have the money to go get my own done.  Sooooo I attempted to do my own, let's just say that was the first and last time I did them, LOL!!!

Well that was until I had gotten older and had gone to get them professionally done, I tried again when I got tired of spending the money every 2 weeks to get fill-ins. The next time around was a lot better but still needed work.

Then recently after taking my acrylic off from the last time I had it on (had to give my natural nails a rest) I wanted to go back to my acrylic.  Yes having acrylic too long can damage your nails (that's why I take breaks from it) but my natural nails have never been really strong and I could never keep a nice length.   I've tried several nail hardeners and strengtheners, but they don't work and I got tired of trying.   So I decided to go back to the acrylic, however this time I decided to do them myself.  

Instead of just going by what I saw at the nail salon I decided to do a little research and I went to trusty old YouTube (yeah you can find almost anything on there).  After watching a couple of  really good tutorials, coupled with what I already knew how to do I did my own nails and they turned out really well.

So well that I think I am going to (at least right now) keep doing them myself.  I do want to get more professional tools, even though I do have an electric nail drill (got the whole kits from Sally's) and some of the bits to go with it, I want to upgrade the one I have.

I also want to work on doing more complex designs, so of course I will need different tools for that...... I really enjoying doing my own nails and seeing what designs I can come up with.  Who knows one day this might turn into another business adventure! :-)

  I am thinking one day I might post a how to when I remember to document the process.  Well that is all for now, as always thank you so much for stopping by and supporting my blog!!



  1. Your nails look amazing! I have been doing my own nails a lot the past couple of years. It saves a lot of money.

    1. Thank you LV and saving money is definitely one of the perks of being able to do them at home!!!!


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