February 11, 2014

Music To My Ears: Tamar Braxton

Yes  I'm still here, I want to post more I really do but I don't have  much to post about.  I have been playing catch up on my favorite blogs because I haven't been visiting them much either.  Oh for shame, I know I know, lol!!  I will try hard to get back into the groove of blogging more one day!! :-)

Now, I did want to come and share a song (well cd) I'm loving right now.  I know alot of you know Ms. Tamar Braxton and probably have watched her reality shows.  If you have then you have seen her journey to getting back into the music scene and starting her solo career again (she was solo many years ago)on Tamar & Vince.  I for one was and I still am rooting for her music career.  I love her voice and think she has the ability to do extremely well this time around.    Tamar can be a little extra at times, but her talent is undeniable when it comes to singing.

I'm excited to see where her music career goes, I just hopes she kind of tones down the extraness (yeah not a real word) especially when it comes to those videos and live performances, lol.    But hey she wouldn't be Ms. Tamar "She,Her" "Get Your Life" and "Lies You Tell" Braxton. :-D

Anywho, here's Tamar's lastet single "All The Way Home" from her CD "Love and War".

Hope you enjoy and as always thank you for stopping through!!



  1. This woman's music is just awesome! Her voice is so lovely!!! Love her! I'm still riding hard with her older sister Toni but Tamar is definitely becoming a favorite of mine as well!


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